Yet keep on weaving.
I twist the threads,
besmirch the patterns,
loosen the warp,
and like a true maiden from the Balkans
I interweave
my own shadow – 
layer after layer,
breath after breath…
Yet weaving still –
madly and competitively.
Refusing to admit to myself
a lousy
I am.

Of love tales.

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Julieta Kaludova is the Creative Director and a contributing author at Falchion Publications, an award-winning essayist, a gatherer of uniqueness, and a collector of the exotic. In her writing Julieta often draws from the exciting experiences she has had over the years, including being a radio journalist, media and PR liaison, university instructor, translator, director of a political press centre, and stage performer. Her greatest source of inspiration, however, remains her curious little daughter.