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Artist Profile: Inna Koleva

Artist Profile: Inna Koleva


I grew up surrounded by nature in a sparsely populated suburban town, located between deep forest and the sea coast. The place is like a long lost forgotten paradise. I often felt a bit isolated and lonely during my childhood and adolescence, but now I appreciate greatly the connection with nature I established growing up, for it is one of my main sources of inspiration. 


From a young age I was fascinated by architecture. Walking around town, my gaze would linger on the facades of beautiful but neglected old buildings in Varna (my hometown). 

Exploring new mediums and concepts is what makes art interesting for me (which has turned my portfolio into a chaotic mess). For whatever reason, I have always found artists who stick to one style and subject a bit boring. As a result, my influences are a mixed bag.  pic-5


I tend to flitter and flutter, butterfly-like, from twentieth-century avant-garde to post-modern technological abstractions; like, for instance, the way an image file glitches when it’s damaged. Yes, I find damaged things beautiful and intriguing. Layers and texture and the marks of time can tell many stories. 

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Inna Koleva
Inna Koleva is an illustrator at a web design studio based out of the seaside city of Varna, Bulgaria. She graduated with a degree in Architectural Design, and has studied in Milan. Living abroad sparked in her a love for traveling and adventure. Inna often enjoys getting lost in big cities and exploring natural landscapes on her bike, and delving into the realms of folklore through her art.

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