Throughout my career, I have been repeatedly asked one question; namely, what is my major source of inspiration? A question to which in 2016 I replied using the best tool a photographer can use – my camera. The exhibition entitled “She – My Reason to Survive” did not reflect on a particular period of time, photographic style, or conceptualized idea, but it had one single muse uniting all – Her Majesty the Woman. In choosing so, I wanted to demonstrate how, dressed in lights or carefully inscribed within a certain landscape, a woman can bring beauty and grace to the most common of things. 

Any artist who has decided to follow this path must understand that talent alone, theoretical and technical training, or a rich set of experiences do not by themselves ensure the achievement. One still needs that creative spark, otherwise known as inspiration. It is precisely Her that holds in her hands the key to man’s success or failure.  A beautiful female body is never enough, but a strong feminine presence is almost mandatory.                            



It is namely She, inspiring and provocative, that lies at the base of an artist’s creation. And to me, it is also She – in essence multifaceted and shrewd – that gives me a reason to move forward and keep surviving on the arduous path in search of perfection. 

Photo: Stoyan Draev