Artist Profile – Lyubo Sergeev

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If photography was a road I would be a wanderer. I would journey to experience life according to my own beliefs.

But I am just a workaholic photographer who travels a lot between advertising and conceptual photography, between my hometown and my work studio, between known and unknown cities, between the power of momentum and the magnitude of retouching, inspirational insight and patience in execution, impression of human aesthetics and facts of a product, creative idea and systematic arrangement, from stairway in China through pyramid in France and archway in Iceland, to places with photographic significance and lack of gravity…

And everywhere I find myself I do not part with my equipment, my sack, my Bermuda shorts, my sense of perfection, and everyday prophecy for a better tomorrow.

Lyubomir Sergeev is a digital artist and visual storyteller, boasting a hauntingly beautiful, timeless, and seductive aesthetic. With 20 years of experience in advertising and high-end retouching, his abstract mastermind and lust for creation truly make him a force to be reckoned with. For his impeccable conceptual photography in 2013 Lubo was named among the 200 most influential digital artists worldwide and in 2014 he was awarded the prestigious Trierenberg Grand Prix.