For so long I was consumed by ballet dancing. As the years went by I began to realize that, although I thoroughly loved the physicality of pointe work, extensions, posture, and other techniques, what I was most interested in during any dance was to tell a story. (The process of ballet dancing has been beautifully captured by Mila Belcheva, red.)

It is with precise urgency that I wish to convey different narratives via art, and for this reason I was encouraged to pursue photography, a long fascination of mine.

Performing a variation from “Don Quixote” in 2015

About six years ago I discovered an abiding passion for portraits, street and act photography. These mediums allow me to apprehend the feeling behind the feature instead of creating artificial settings in which models are but robotized versions of themselves.

Viktoria Andreeva, “Two Worlds”


Viktoria Andreeva, “Anticipation”

In the past years my camera has increasingly become my voice and my ears, my eyes and hands, my everyday tool for capturing the nuances and cycles of our human process. What inspires me as a creator is the story behind a face or an image. I am interested in the invisible, camouflaged aspect of life; the one that hides behind the seemingly tangible sites, shapes, and forms.

Viktoria Andreeva, “The Dichotomy of Life”


Viktoria Andreeva, “Traces of Time”


Viktoria Andreeva, “Solitude”

Locked within this desire to expose the invisible, I chase and strive to capture intimate moments in time. Moments in which the individual—the solitary soldier of fortune—quietly experiences her own heartbeat and pulse, while the whole world around her waits motionless and breathless.

Viktoria Andreeva, “Chasing Time”


Viktoria Andreeva, "Free Your Mind"
Viktoria Andreeva, “Free Your Mind”

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