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I don’t claim to be a music expert, but I know how it makes me feel. Nary has a day passed where I don’t flip through my crates looking for my morning song to start the day off right. I hope to simply extend new sounds, emotions, and memories into your lives through the discovery of great new musicians. Hold fast to the music that lets you go. Your mind is an endless sea of creativity. B͟ LB͟ J

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Welcome to Night Vale

Almost every episode of Welcome to Night Vale ends the same way: with thought-provoking quips that offer a balance of hopeful conclusions and disquieting mysteries. Cecil’s soothing voice provides a sense of closure at the end of an episode, even when the remaining unanswered questions are infinite. As Cecil would say, “some things just aren’t meant to be questioned. Most things, actually.”

Arachne of 21st Century

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