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B.G. Reynolds is the Founder, Managing Editor, and a contributor at Falchion Publications. He has written and explored a variety of topics ranging from Russian Symbolism to the future role of artificial intelligence in society and art. These days he enjoys the good life, taking frequent trips to the Black sea for inspiration and rejuvenation. He is writing a novel and lives in Dallas with his wife and daughter.

Digital Immortality

Noteworthy/Visual Art by

Can futurism, technology, and biology be used together to conquer physical death? The Holy Grail. Humanity’s oldest quest. Immortality. Is it possible? The question has been out there for as long as humans have been conscious and could conceptualize and dream of an afterlife. But perhaps this question — the one regarding the possibility of everlasting physical life — has finally been answered. Maybe there is a new question to ask: are we on the cusp of finally attaining it? Could it actually be possible, that in as little as a generation or two, humans will be living for as long as they want within a…

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Revisiting Soviet Counter-Culture through the Visionary Eyes of Viktor Tsoi
Victor Tsoi gives the bird to agent

Revisiting Soviet Counter-Culture through the Visionary Eyes of Viktor Tsoi

Here in the west few have heard of the enigmatic Russian rock singer Victor Tsoi and his band Kino. Like so many other rock musicians, he died young in a blaze of popularity. But in Eastern Europe, and especially in Russia, Tsoi is a legend whose songs have stood the test of time, hearkening as they

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Sarah Pinborough's Poison - A Wicked Snow White Tale

Seduction, Love, and Betrayal in an Age of Magic and Torment

In Review/Literature by

    On its surface Poison is a throaty, sensual story, in which Sarah Pinborough uses traditional aspects of the Snow White fairytale, adding as she goes along her own unique characteristics and plot twists to give the reader a story that at once feels familiar while brimming with fresh insights.   Beneath the surface, the prose is simple and sharp, and focuses with humanity on issues dealing with psychology, human behavior and motivation, and childhood scars. It is also playfully decrepit and delightfully erotic. Startling, in a tale everyone has read a thousand thousand times, about which we all know every detail, the story feels fresh and never…

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Glenn Gould sitting in chair
Photo by Don Hunstein

The Classical Revolution of Glenn Gould

As hard as it is to believe, there are actual, real-life superheroes. Individuals whose talent surpasses anything most of us could ever dream of. These are humans with extraordinary, other-worldly abilities, who can do things, achieve feats that over time raise them to the level of myth or legend. Glenn Gould was one such individual.

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Hypnotic Donuts – Quickly Becoming a Casa Linda Tradition

Lifestyle/Local Flavor by

Hypnotic Donuts is perhaps the kind of establishment one typically associates with the free-wheeling, hippy spirit of Portland, but we are glad to call the establishment o ur own here in Casa Linda. And there can be no doubt – here one can sample, marvel at, and relish some of the finest donuts and chicken biscuits anywhere in Dallas.   The donut has long held a special place in the American tradition. But it is not until recently that foodie types have given in to the much needed makeover.   No more the dubiously engineered sausage rolls, down with the ubiquitous repertoire of glazy sugar bombs, and out with…

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Saints & Sinners

Arts & Culture/Local Flavor by

Adrian Evans is an established and respected figure in the inking world, and known for starting Elm Street Tattoo with Oliver Peck (former husband of Kat Von D and judge on the reality show Ink Master) before selling his percentage. He’s been tattooing in Dallas ever since, and has built up a reputation for imbuing his work with craft and creativity. Here Adrian and Beau Jennings talk shop at Saints & Sinners in the Bishop Arts District.   Saints & Sinners welcomed Adrian aboard in December 2015. @saintsandsinnersdallas

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Clam Diving in Karadere

We headed out from Byala in a bright orange UAZ-KA – the Soviet Union’s all-terrain vehicle now ubiquitous throughout much of Eastern Europe – with “ SAFARI” written grandly across the door. We were hoping to scrounge up some dinner. Our destination – Karadere beach; our prey –the local clams that typically enjoyed the relative comfort of its rocky shores. While at dinner two evenings previous Todor – better known as Toshko, a real estate maverick known for selling big resort properties along the Bulgarian seacoast –mentioned the possibility of clam gathering at Karadere. After my eagerness to try it,…

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