While I was born a little after David Lynch released his cult TV series Twin Peaks, thanks to my older sister I grew up with a distinct regard for the way the show altered the industry and paved the road for masterfully weird television. Like every self-respected gal with an affinity for eccentric men I too fell for special agent Dale Cooper. Most importantly, I took particular pride in the fact that the two of us share a common passion (no, I don’t mean the impulse to channel dead people in resolving murders).

Coffee. Just like Cooper I take it “black as midnight on a moonless night.”And exactly like him I never pass on a chance to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed joe. That is why I was thrilled to model for Café Modera –a rich brew with a robust flavor comfortably settling on your tongue and just enough sweetness to ensure balance and smoothen the finish. No watery Americano. No fish-in-the-percolator reference. A quality brand particularly designed for no-nonsense people.

As you enter the sea capital of Varna look to your right on the side of the highway– you may spot me on a billboard inviting you to make a stop at “Primorski Park” to enjoy a lazy cup of Modera espresso with freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg, while the summer breeze whispers in your ears tales of love and youth.

If you happen to be in Sofia, just go to “Shipka” and allow the distinguished blend to wash across your palate and penetrate your senses as you de-compress from busy city life. Cooper would have done it. And I might just know what he would have murmured in sweet delight: “You know, this is –excuse me– a damn fine cup of coffee.”
You said it, Coop. 



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