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Un café, s’il vous plaît

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While I was born a little after David Lynch released his cult TV series Twin Peaks, thanks to my older sister I grew up with a distinct regard for the way the show altered the industry and paved the road for masterfully weird television.

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Untamable Wildalone: Brigitte Bardot and the Emancipation of Female Individuality

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She would grow up to be regarded as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” But most importantly she would become the representative of modern-day femininity; the first to break through the many restrictive cultural and societal codes that applied to the women of her day.

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Ten Timeless Lessons from the Bear of Very Little Brain (part 2)

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Illustrations by E. H. Shepard

So far we distilled five of Winnie-the-Pooh’s timeless lessons pertaining largely to knowledge, self-knowledge, and the way we interact with the others. Let’s get on with the other five insights straight from Milne’s masterpiece, dedicated to all children age 4 to 104!

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Memories of Austin Town and the Guadalupe

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The Texas sun was bearing down on us the day we jumped in to the Guadalupe, a cooler of beer tied to each of our inner tubes. Back when I was in high school, a friend and I had just come down from Dallas after hearing about the then growing trend of floating down the Guadalupe River on an inner tube. We thought this was somewhere near the top of the best ideas ever, and decided not to waste another moment—we headed to Austin to give it a try. I was happy to be free and to live in the moment, to enjoy the experience for what it…

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