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Memories of Austin Town and the Guadalupe

The Texas sun was bearing down on us the day we jumped in to the Guadalupe, a cooler of beer tied to each of our inner tubes. Back when I was in high school, a friend and I had just come down from Dallas after hearing about the then growing trend of floating down the Guadalupe River on an inner tube. We thought this was somewhere near the top of the best ideas ever, and decided not to waste another moment—we headed to Austin to give it a try. I was happy to be free and to live in the moment, to enjoy the experience for what it…

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Clam Diving in Karadere

We headed out from Byala in a bright orange UAZ-KA – the Soviet Union’s all-terrain vehicle now ubiquitous throughout much of Eastern Europe – with “ SAFARI” written grandly across the door. We were hoping to scrounge up some dinner. Our destination – Karadere beach; our prey –the local clams that typically enjoyed the relative comfort of its rocky shores. While at dinner two evenings previous Todor – better known as Toshko, a real estate maverick known for selling big resort properties along the Bulgarian seacoast –mentioned the possibility of clam gathering at Karadere. After my eagerness to try it,…

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