Can futurism, technology, and biology be used together to conquer physical death? The Holy Grail. Hu
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  1. I don’t know… the fundamental question in my mind is posed at the end: Do we really want to live long?” How many people even ask themselves this question? Fear of death, fear of missed opportunities to do something”better” in one’s life drive people’s urge to extend their lives. But how long we live may not be the crucial question. How well we spend our lives on the other hand might be it. Regardless of how long ones life is, was it meaningful, productive and bringing satisfaction and peace. Otherwise, people find themselves fighting to extend their miserable, difficult, shitty lives for naught.

  2. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an android body? What about mind uploading? I do not believe that mind uploading will offer immortality or life extension because it will not actually be you. While it is a way to live on, you would just be able to see a new version of yourself from your old body. Even as an android, I imagine you may have difficulties. For instance, food and alcohol would not be the same. I have written a fictional story about a person who has uploaded his mind into a perfect android body. You would think he would be living in a dream. But he will find that his past will come back to haunt him. My story is called A New Self by Roy Wells. You can borrow the book for free if you have a Kindle and Amazon Prime. I hope you enjoy it!


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