It’s those moments when you remember sounds, not sights.

It was a few years back in Nashville, TN where I was residing at the time, thumbing through the Nashville Scene and there they were, The Greyhounds! I hadn’t seen or heard from them in over a decade. Little did I know they had chili cookin’ in the kitchen down in Austin, TX.

It must have been around the fall of 2000 and I was having a house party in west Texas where I was attending college. I was known to never shy away from a funky sound and a buddy asked if he could play a tape he had, a guy from LA and one from Tyler, Texas he said. Fate must have had its hand in that arrangement and I said, ͞throw it on! I watched as Clint paused the P Funk, sounds stood still, and then the click of the tape. What followed caused attention and demanded its audience. We were hearing one of the funkiest bass lines accompanied by some of the sickest keys I had heard out of a power duo, maybe ever!

The song was Camaro Jones on The Greyhounds 1999 release, Waiting For Francis. The unknown power duo was keyboardist Anthony Farrell and guitarist Andrew Trube. The two met in LA after Anthony replied to an ad in LA Times and auditioned for Andrew over the phone and a new sound was created. Waiting for Francis became a staple in our lives as we copied and shared the tape and later burned it to disc. We intimately learned the beats, lyrics, rhythm, and time of this album as it became a mainstay in the fabric of our euphonic journey.

Technology was different back in the good ole days, and after leaving school and west Texas and living throughout the world and settling in Nashville I had the fortune of rediscovering a band that brought the good feelings to so many of our evenings by simply picking up a local happenings publication. The Greyhounds were to be playing The Basement, a very small venue in Nashville actually located in the cramped and humid basement of a local beloved house converted record store named Grumpy’s. The Basement was known for bringing in strong musicians of the lesser known variety and was a perfect place to get known and create a buzz for yourself. The year was 2014 and the band was touring in promotion of their new release, Accumulator. Anthony’s voice had turned to velvet and Andrew’s guitar had tightened. They were fluid, on fire, a mix of blues, funk, jazz, and a dash of Texas attitude.

We were watching an independent genre take form with each glance that passed from the two as they watched and listened for their counterpart’s cues. Needless to say, The Greyhounds made a lot of new fans that night as I expect they will when they roll through Ft. Worth, Austin, and Denton throughout September/October as they tour in support of their April 29 release, Change of Pace.

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Note from the writer:
I don’t claim to be a music expert, but I know how it makes me feel. Nary has a day passed where I don’t flip through my crates looking for my morning song to start the day off right. I hope to simply extend new sounds, emotions, and memories into your lives through the discovery of great new musicians. Hold fast to the music that lets you go. Your mind is an endless sea of creativity. B͟   LB͟  J