Valentine's Day
Valentine's day gift giving

If you haven’t yet gotten that special someone in your life a token to show your appreciation for all those little (and big) things he/she does to make you feel wonderful, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. And hey, what better way to spend your tax returns than investing in a beautiful Valentine’s day present? 

According to, only 63% of Americans plan on buying a gift for their partner. Don’t be a part of the 37%! Displaying affection through gift-giving is an important way of maintaining intimacy. 

  1. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme 

    gucci guilty

    #GuiltyNotGuilty? Enticing scent of lavender and lemon on top, combined with heart notes of orange flower, and mixed with a base of cedar wood and patchouli: the new Gucci Guilty for men is more seductive than ever!

  2. Pandora Jewelry

    Pandora honors Valentine’s day with a collection of fascinating bracelets, charms, earrings, and necklaces for the ladies. Plenty of gift ideas for your beloved woman – and you get a discount, too!


  3. Vincero Watches


    Distinctive watch for your beau – both elegant and modern – the Vincero brand has a reputation of being stylish, functional, and fairly affordable. A quality gift for quality men! (Also, you get 10% off when you shop from their site.)

  4.  Valentine’s Day Sweets

    Particularly good for people with a sweet tooth (such as myself)! If you want to surprise him/her with something you made yourself, here are some recipes that can make your darling melt in your arms from delight!

    5. Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Collection 


    On February 2 Jenner launched her long-anticipated assortiment, which includes two new lip kits, eyeshadow, her first blush palettes, and more! 

    6. Victoria’s Secret 

    What is Valentine’s day without fancy and sensuous lingerie? Victoria’s Secret, committed to taking care of ladies worldwide, presents yet another signature Valentine’s day collection worth exploring.  As you might have guessed, it involves a lot of lace, and some provocative colors. 

    The ladies can arouse their sweetheart’s senses with a magnificent “Pure Seduction” scent! 

    7. Virtual Reality Set 

    From romance to virtual reality? Why not! If your man is a fan of video games, you might want to skip the colognes, watches, and underwear altogether and go straight for this amazing HTC virtual reality set… Trust me, he will love it!

    8. Signature Tie


    A dazzling red tie for your men with a secret message! This handmade fashion accessory  is 100% silk and includes a hidden heart – the ideal place to put a little romantic note! The bonus – you get the tie along with 15% off your purchase! 

    9. Vintage, Vintage!    

    Etsy has quickly become my new online fascination. From medeival journal notebooks to personalized monogramed keychains to original pillow case sets for two, Etsy is the place (they also have a great app) to find (or, custom order) creative handmade vintage surprise for your sweetie. 

    And, for desert… (insert here a dramating classical opening by, say Bethoven):

    10. Watch Together 50 Shades Darker 


    All right, all right – I could not help the little laughter at the end! Before you start rolling your eyes, let me assure you that my definition of “romantic movie” is rather Jane Austin-esque; tasteful, with plenty of chemistry between the characters and all the delightful narative friction that goes with it. And yet, if you are a fan (or, critique) of E. L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey, I am obligated to remind you (or, warn you) that the sequel 50 Shades Darker is already in theaters!