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Falchion Publications is a cross-disciplinary-cross-cultural online enterprise,  featuring a blend of original fiction and poetry, essays, original art, fashion, current events, culture, film and theater, music and dance, travel, politics and political satire, science and technology, and more.

At Falchion we combine genres, categories, and styles into a tasteful blend. By doing so we seek to enrich and inspire readers from different backgrounds and areas of interest, bring about awareness of aesthetics, to eschew elitism and/or the stringently academic, and offer new artistic and intellectual perspectives. Perhaps most importantly, Falchion encourages others to engage where they might otherwise not typically do so.

Here at Falchion we earnestly believe that the written word, and the arts in general, add texture and beauty to life, allow us to remain vigilant to the world, and ultimately help us preserve ourselves from the dreary existence that would be without creative spark and thought. In so doing we strive to promote and be a platform for both up-and-coming and established authors and artists.

Most of our regular contributors are award-winning artists and/or regarded professionals in their respective fields, united together through their abiding love of art and the desire to create something of both value and originality.

For the curious mind–the falchion is a Medieval, one-edged sword with the might of an ax and the adaptability of a sabre. The name originates from French and in general means “broad.” One unique characteristics of the falchion is its multi-functionality: the sword was equally useful in times of peace and in times of war as it was used both as a farming tool by peasants and as a fighting weapon by nobility.

Falchion Sword
Falchion Sword


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