Makeup Inspires at Paris Fashion Week 2017

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This March Paris Fashion Week set the parameters for many of the upcoming Spring and Fall trends.  The runway proved to be an inspiration not only for clothing, but also for makeup ideas. Interestingly enough, most designers opted for a more “natural” look, but there were some surprises. As we mark the first official day of Spring, let’s explore some of the more enticing makeup innovations on display during Paris Fashion Week! 



1. Rihanna and her new collaboration with PUMA – FENDI

The classic smoky-eyed look, only better. Try it with green eye pencil and/or green eyeliner. Very fresh and in tune with the Spring season.


2. Natural, innocent look from Gigi Hadid for Isabel Marant.

Ideal for ladies who try to keep themselves from wearing too much makeup. This innate look has become one of the biggest trends this season. Achieving it is easy: apply a bit of foundation, nude colored lipstick and bronzer, and voila! 


3. Rochas transformed the girlish, smoky-eyed glance into a beautiful, feminine look. With warm pink and light brown eye shadow, this presentation is perfect for any time of day. 


4. Bella Hadid for H&M.  Put the accent on lips and look glamorous with some deep, bold colors like this purple-raspberry, vibrant lipstick —  the new Infallible Paints lipstick by L’Oréal. Make sure to further explore the series for they contain a plethora of beautiful, crazy colors to go with your spring attitude! 


5. Luna Bjil for Chloe. Oh, the black eyeliner contour – classic yet ever modern and inspiring! No surprises here, only perfection.


6. Chanel. Not only did Karl Lagerfeld launch a rocket inside Grand Palais, but his models too looked like they came straight from outer space. This beyond-the-border makeup with metallic eyeshadow and double eyeliner creates a splendid extraterrestrial look!


7. Giambattista Valli – Glossy! These super juicy, wet lips simply invite you to taste them. Better watch out, though, as there might be more than one surprise in store for you…Glossy and Bossy!

Mila Belcheva is a classically trained ballet dancer, award-winning pop and choir singer, and a photo model with a distinguished knack for fashion and style. Funky, spirited, street-smart, her gaze is urbane yet dagger sharp, true to the Falchion credo.