Plenty of Glittering Brilliance and Fun from Lady Gaga at Super Bowl 2017

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It was an incredible performance. Incredible, and memorable. Memorable for Gaga’s space suit that came right out of an 80s B-movie sci-fi flick. Amazing for the Cirque de Solei-like acrobatics. But most of all, incredible because of Lady Gaga’s show-stopping performance.

Greater still, because, as promised, Gaga avoided any overt political positioning, instead choosing to put on an inclusive, energy-fueled show.

And while one might at times question Lady Gaga’s ability to provide rational socio-political discourse, there has never been any doubt about her ability to perform at a very high level. Her sensational talent was on display in spades.

She began the set with “God Bless America,” then recited a few lines of the Pledge of Allegiance before nimbly diving into the stadium through an open roof retracted just for her performance (it was later closed when the game started in the second-half). She then proceeded to belt out hits all the while suspended from a wire. When she did finally land on solid ground, she danced and gyrated with athletic verve.

As Gaga moved through her set flawlessly – a diverse group of background dancers of all races and genders moving with her – the message became clear: inclusivity. Inclusivity and acceptance. And hey, those are cool messages in my book. I’m down with that. Social media channels lit up as the hits kept coming. And I guess a part of me was surprised to hear so many familiar songs. It is easy to forget that Lady Gaga has been delivering pop hits for a decade now.

It was a stellar show, and complimented well a game that had its own fair share of drama.

The performance, in my mind at least, only further solidifies Gaga’s place as one of the premiere performance talents.  

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