Timon Sinos
Rises the ordinary into infraviolet intermissive bereft of brief
nothing to stamp so I stomp this out
please do not accept under conditions or on any behalf

Timon Sinos
Image spinning only just so
luscious liscious taught a taut
a moments mirror caught lite thrown
in reflection banishes vishing confounding the die cast with the yo shout
calling on another I by the next name is still the same

Timon Sinos
What could redress the pain that never took to its name
it didn’t explain to care why bother
trifling human stain
it’s this: i’m called up yes someone is calling my name
I took it and with no name becomes me now with new name

Timon Sinos is so very full of need of the most of both and so finally so very full of us

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Adam J Sacks is a PhD in History from Brown University. He holds a Masters of Arts from Brown University, a Masters of Science (High Honors) from the City College of the City University of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University. In 2010, he served as an Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellow under the auspices of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. Long concerned with cultural responses to catastrophe and musical healing, he has engaged issues of trauma and cultural representation and production. Publications on these themes have appeared in New German Critique, the Association for Jewish Studies Journal, as well as other scholarly venues. He has served as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Brown University and now serves as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Liberal Education at FLAME University in Pune, India.