To Judas

in Original Fiction and Poetry/Poetry by

I am here.
Unashamed of my crystalline skin –
so thin 
that one can hear
the howl of blood through my veins.

I am here
– uncovered and exposed:
You can build a castle from my angst.
Weave a basket out of the lines from my painfully tightened fists.
Hang a tree swing from my illusions –
can you reach the branches?!
Laugh behind the back of my crippling grit.
Frame each of my misprints
and decorate the rooms for amusement…

But I am still here –
skin, gossamer as ever.
Each tiny vessel strangling a hill
stumbled over, yet summited.
I will continue to stick out, tall,


Julieta Kaludova is the Creative Director and a contributing author at Falchion Publications, an award-winning essayist, a gatherer of uniqueness, and a collector of the exotic. In her writing Julieta often draws from the exciting experiences she has had over the years, including being a radio journalist, media and PR liaison, university instructor, translator, director of a political press centre, and stage performer. Her greatest source of inspiration, however, remains her curious little daughter.